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A Letter from our Founder, Rich Boyer


Dear Friends,

Webster’s dictionary defines legacy as something transmitted by or received from, an ancestor or predecessor. Many of you know my heart to serve and love the least, the last and the lost. The message of Christ is so simple, love God and love your neighbor. I now have the joy of witnessing this cry of my heart as it is being transferred to my eldest daughter, Amy Boyer Colgan.


Years ago, I founded a non-profit called Hope Fulfilled International (HFI) to help aid this quest of teaching God’s love. This last year, Amy has taken the reigns of this entity to form a community-building resource center, which helps transform hopes of the past into dreams of the future.

HFI develops strategic plans to assist with essential community needs. Working closely with our partners, and mentoring our selected projects, HFI utilizes the following process to aid the community at large:


  Research target areas to discover a need

 Analyze potential outcomes

 Create effective solutions with collaborative experts

 Impart knowledge to implement a healthy change

 Ignite dreams for productive results.  


HFI partners with organizations holding a common purpose of restoring wholeness to an identified community through the use of its resources. HFI raises awareness for their missions and volunteers with their organizations.


If you are interested in learning more, donating to this exciting cause, and/or partnering with us, please contact Amy at or you can visit our website at Donations of any size can help this organization fulfill the hopes and dreams of many people. Thanks for partnering with us.



Rich Boyer


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