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Marv Rees
Marv and his wife Kim have lived in Kings County for over 20 years. They came to the valley with the purpose of receiving vocational agriculture teaching experience so they could travel the world as agriculture missionaries. Marv has taught agriculture in high schools as well as local community colleges. He learned the business end of farming by managing a local farm for 5 years.  He joined forces with long time friends, Ted and Jeannie Williams, to provide fresh, nutrient-dense organic produce to local families.
Jeannie Williams
Jeannie and her husband, Ted, began Genesis Organic Farm in 2006 with 2 acres of organic pluots and a small U-pick orchard. In 2007, she launched the Discovery Garden program to provide classes to families on nutrient-dense gardening. The demand grew to the point that she partnered with Marv to bring Good Seed Organics to life. 


Robert Herman

With a USC Masters Degree in Education, Robert currently serves as a Teacher of the Deaf in Santa Barbara, CA. As the founder of Sign Post Kids, he enjoys having his wife and homeschooled family of five as an integral part of the children’s edutainment film production company. In his spare time, Robert’s talent for exploratory research has brought innovative ideas to the drawing board for current and future projects. His focus on modernizing ancient

methods in the lost art of simplified living has enhanced the body, soul, and spirit of the individual, family, and community.

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