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Hope Force International

Hope Fulfilled believes when a natural disaster strikes, the heart of a community can be as destroyed to the same degree as the property. Hope Fulfilled is honored to support the efforts of Hope Force International, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to disaster response. Hope Force is comprised of individuals who are committed to utilizing their expertise to inspire, equip and mobilize thousands of trained volunteers into areas of crisis around the world. Hope Force International prioritizes disaster response initiatives that are undertaken with like-minded companies and agencies. Collaborative relationships with organizations and businesses such as World Relief, Smith & Nephew and Medical Teams International (MTI) provide a platform for maximum effectiveness. Hope Force has been a national partner with The Salvation Army since 2005 with a focus on training and volunteer deployment.

Hope Force specializes in training volunteers in disaster response so they are prepared and allowed to respond, often in restricted areas, when disaster strikes. People are seldom adequately prepared to meaningfully come alongside others who are suffering. HFI provides a pathway of service for caring individuals, allowing them to become willing, capable responders.


Sign up now to attend training to become a Disaster Relief Counselor with Hope Force at


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