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Twalzan Rest

Hope Fulfilled is partnering with global charities (such as Mercy Ships, MedAir) and their Human Resources department to provide a burn-out prevention rest center on the island of Mayreau for their workers as well as any other individuals approved by the Twalzan Rest selection committee.


Our staff has served on several short term outreaches along side of amazing community volunteers. We recognize that many International Organizations and Charities have a high turn-over rate and need additional member care programs to prevent burn-out and become more effective and sustainable in their work. 


Working in places like Liberia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone or Sudan can be extremely challenging. Organizations serving these nations struggle with long-term staff retention. Having a program that keeps staff and crew on the field long-term increases the organizations’ efficiency.


Professional builders, sign up to help complete Twalzan Rest. For more information, visit:

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