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Gardens 4 Education

Hope Fulfilled supports the Gardens 4 Education mission of bringing the community and businesses together to support local schools and other charitable organizations. Every aspect of this collaboration must be mutually beneficial in order to be sustainable. Gardens 4 Education began as a grass roots program developed with advice from parents and teachers who wanted a healthy and more profitable alternative to the junk food fundraisers. Through this program, it is our hope that children will build a lifelong love of gardening as they learn how to grow their own nutrition. 

Gardens 4 Education makes Pizza Garden kits to be sold as a healthy fundraiser for schools and other non-profit organizations. We buy high quality, California grown plants in 4 inch pots. The reusable garden tote is made of recyclable, water resistant material, similar to the sturdy material used for reusable shopping bags. The tote has a 9" X 9" footprint with 6 1/2" tall sides. It also has an insert in the bottom for added stability.

The Pizza Garden Kit includes:
1 cherry tomato plant, 1 classic tomato plant, 1 basil plant and 1 bell pepper plant in a reusable garden tote. Styles and varieties may vary.

The Pizza Garden Kits are assembled at Able Industries in Visalia, CA

Able Industries is committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities by creating opportunities to maximize their independence.


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Host a Garden's 4 Education fund raiser in your school! To learn more, visit


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