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Sign Post Kids

Order a DVD of the Sign Post Kids Letters Edition for your child, or give toward future educational productions.  

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Hope Fulfilled believes that education is the key to success. We support the production of educational media from birth and beyond.


Sign Post Kids is an educational multi-media organization, providing support tutorial material for students. The Sign Post Crew is composed of Hannah, now 11, Carlei, who is 10, Emy, 6, JoJo (Jordan) the only boy holding his own at 5, and Baby Katie, who has just reached two years old. They are an actual well traveled, home-schooled family, mixed with the sparkle of America's beloved Shirley Temple. 

In their "Sign Post Kids Alphabet Letters" film production, the use of repetitious patterns builds confidence in the target audience, encouraging them to interact with the material and practice the correct pronunciation of letters and sounds. This reinforces a child's attention span while simultaneously stimulates the brain to develop vital stages of memory retention. The timely peaceful scene transitions create an environment for babies and young children to behave and interact in a balanced and orderly fashion.

For the past 50 years, America's classrooms have been used by psychologists, sociologists, educationists, and politicians as a giant laboratory for unproven, untried theories of learning, resulting in a near collapse of public education. It is time we begin to move away from "what's new" and move toward "what works." 

Sign Post Kids aims to present the fundamental basics of the English language, providing the foundational tools to achieve the goal of reading, preparing children to become successful students.

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